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kgptzac: Well done. I think it would be a real April Fools joke if they do release the Panda sometimes in down the road. All the hardware and software exist, and I'd pay $50~100 for a well made Panda.

Comments: 0March 31, 2015 9:00 pm

kgptzac: It's quite welcoming to know how much better this game looks after all these years without a fully fledged high res texture pack.  Although the Update might not look as good as the original game back in 2004, but hell I know what I'm doing this weekend ;)

Comments: 0March 27, 2015 7:20 am

kgptzac: "Traditional MMO gamers are stuck in a feedback loop where our gaming comfort zones and accumulated personal MMO prestige are directly at odds with the innovation we say we desire."
Working As Intended: But I already have that game

Comments: 0October 23, 2014 10:34 pm


Google’s April Fools news are as nerdy as they are iconic and inspir­ing.  This year is the very best.  It is the wet dream of a gamer like myself, as aug­mented and vir­tual real­ity are two of the few things I eagerly want from scifi sto­ries.  The video is fake, of course (oth­er­wise it wouldn’t qual­ify as April Fools joke :p), but the tech­nol­ogy is already here, and such tech­nol­ogy will mature very soon, then AR games like the one in the video, among other cre­ative things, will only be of the lim­i­ta­tion of our imag­i­na­tion instead of hard­ware we hold on to.

In a few years, we’ll see many more peo­ple wear­ing a bet­ter iter­a­tion of Google Glass, wield­ing their increas­ingly pow­er­ful smart­phones (prob­a­bly with pro­tec­tive cases, unlike the lunatics form the video), par­tic­i­pat­ing in spir­i­tual suc­ces­sors of Ingress (won’t be Poke­mon, because, Nintendo).

If Face­book and smart­phones could make every­one and their aunt a gamer, then there is noth­ing to stop Google to pave the way for every­one to become a SARMMO (Social Aug­mented Real­ity Mas­sive Mul­ti­player Online) gamer.

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Merc Sto­ria (メルクストーリア) is one of the more antic­i­pated games to be released around begin­ning of 2014… The time has finally come to get my hands on it… and I must say that I am not dis­ap­pointed.  The launch went rel­a­tively smooth with­out major delay and/or server down­time.  It can now be down­loaded from Google Play (with­out region restric­tion!).  Obvi­ously, not a lot can be said since the game lit­er­ally just got released, but a quick pros & cons list from my first impres­sions should suf­fice, at least for now.

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Just as I decided to stop wast­ing my life away play­ing Kaku­san­sei Mil­lion Arthur, a truck load of news came out from the offi­cial offline event, 御祭性ミリオンアーサー.  Thanks to Steparu’s timely report, I can take a break from the game know­ing some­thing bet­ter is com­ing!  Now, a break down of the upcom­ing stuff, fla­vored with screenshots.

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Mobile games, in par­tic­u­lar, Mil­lion Arthur, has sucked out much of my free time (read: when noth­ing to do at work and when not play­ing PC games).  Yes, it is a new source of addic­tion, and for a sim­ple rea­son: Mil­lion Arthur is the best game of the col­lec­tion card genre, which in turn rep­re­sents the most suit­able cat­e­gory of games to be played on a portable, always-connected, and small screen.

Unfor­tu­nately, the recent news on the delay of MA’s Eng­lish ver­sion made some fans sad.  The Japan­ese server (which I’ve been play­ing since Sep­tem­ber) is going quite well.  No mat­ter you decide to wait for the Eng­lish ver­sion, or start anew on the JP server, the fol­low­ing tips for begin­ners should apply.

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Word­Press received an update.  I cleaned up some out­dated stuff for the occa­sion… and did some minor tweaks as well.

First, mobile theme should be fixed now, and hope­fully it will be kept in this opti­mal state until the end of time.

Sec­ond.  I con­sider writ­ing in 140-character tweets is a good prac­tice in trans­mit­ting suc­cinct infor­ma­tion.  Google+ on the other hand, gives more room as I need a more tra­di­tional shout-box fea­ture (thus avoid­ing com­pos­ing blog entries here).  So, I inserted a wid­get on top of posts sec­tion, link­ing to my G+ posts.

Unfor­tu­nately, both Twit­ter and Google+ wid­gets don’t dis­play in the mobile theme.  But you can find their links in cir­cu­lar icons at bot­tom of pages.

Lastly.  It just occurred to me that Feb­ru­ary is close now.  I faintly remem­ber every year around this time, my site gets taken down due to me for­get­ting to renew the domain name.  I swear I had auto pay­ment renewal set up for the domain name just like I did with the monthly web host­ing fee, but I’m pretty sure if I do noth­ing, the domain name will once again expire, ensu­ing more /facepalm.