Look­ing back at the list of anime that I fol­lowed until the final episode, I should recon­sider my opin­ion that the anime indus­try is going down­hill.  Despite my lack of post of any­thing anime related, the past year con­tained titles that have kept me suf­fi­ciently enter­tained.  Maybe it is a pat­tern: most anime just don’t cross over from win­ter to spring sea­son.  Here are the ones that have con­cluded in the last two weeks.

On a side note, I am proud to declare this post is Spoiler Free.

From the New World

This anime’s syn­op­sis grabbed my atten­tion; who can resist the tale of a group of chil­dren, liv­ing in a vil­lage 1000 years into the future where every­one has super­pow­ers, and then find­ing out about the less-than-stellar truths behind their soci­ety of har­mony.  Well, maybe you can, but I cer­tainly can­not xD.  The story is so good, for it made me over­look the sud­den dip in ani­ma­tion qual­ity occurred around episode 5 (good thing that it slowly returned to an OK level).  Note to self: read the orig­i­nal novel some­time soon and hope there’s a trans­lated version.


This anime reaf­firmed my fan­dom of Urobuchi Gen.  Com­pare to magic girls and some­one else’ holy war, I feel Urobuchi can bet­ter express his ideas when he hand­craft an orig­i­nal world, full of grey, much like Kikoku­gai the visual novel and Psycho-Pass.  The catch phrase “urobutcher” is a dis­ser­vice to his mas­ter­ful ways on killing off char­ac­ters, but it is still fun to “antic­i­pate” whose head is going to fall off who is going to die (next) .  Rec­om­mended for all dystopian  lovers.

Cuti­cle Detec­tive Inaba

I was wrong to sus­pect Cuti­cle Detec­tive Inaba being a BL anime.  The show is a decent com­edy filled with ran­dom humor and (mostly) gender-neutral cute­ness.  12 episodes is far from enough for me, so I’ll be going over the orig­i­nal manga as I vie for the next sea­son.  Excuse my igno­rance, but I never knew hair fetish existed before I watched this.  Good for me to have learned some­thing new!

Polar Bear’s Cafe

And here goes my hope that this anime will keep air­ing for­ever…  On a seri­ous note, I do feel strangely nos­tal­gic see­ing my pre­vi­ous post in the anime cat­e­gory marked the begin­ning of this anime.  I’m not a fan of anime designed to be ever-lasting, so I’m glad to know this anime isn’t going that way.  It’ll be dif­fi­cult to pro­duce a sec­ond sea­son of Polar Bears’ Cafe, (that is as good as this sea­son), yet I hope that doesn’t stop the stu­dio from try­ing :p

Zetsuen no Tempest

Although it is another teenagers-saved-the-world themed anime (with a quite large dose of Shake­speare (?)), Zetsuen no Tem­pest brought me a few laughs here and there due to its occa­sional goofy moments.  (It’s more of a com­pli­ment, but most peo­ple would dis­agree with me for call­ing it a com­edy.)  Although the plot itself isn’t extra­or­di­nary (but at least not cliched), the pace of the sto­ry­telling and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment are impres­sively pol­ished.  I also heard the anime’s end­ing is more sat­is­fy­ing than the manga’s end­ing.  I never read its manga so I sup­pose it can only be a good thing.

Minamike Tadaima

Despite its numer­ous sea­sons, I yet to get bored from watch­ing Minamike.  Tadaima’s art style adher­ing to the anime’s first sea­son is a def­i­nitely good move.  I’ll be wish­ing the series comes back around fall sea­son of 2013.  Also, @last episode, poor Hosaka needs some love… ;_;

Ixion Saga DT

Another shounen com­edy besides Zetsuen; oh well, a fun story has to end some day or else it ceases to be fun.  This anime actu­ally reminded me a lot of Tower of Dru­aga, minus all the sad bits.  Since this is good stuff, I want another sea­son.  Hope­fully the lit­tle cliff hanger near the end of the final episode is more indi­cat­ing than a mere April Fools joke.

To wrap it up, I am antic­i­pat­ing a few April anime that are start­ing to air; chiefly Sui­sei no Gar­gan­tia (翠星のガルガンティア) and Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人).  Gar­gan­tia is writ­ten by Urobuchi, and the first two episodes are absolutely heart-grabbing–it makes me sad every time I am reminded that episode 3 will not be aired until April 21st.  Attack on Titan is already a famous manga, and its well deserved fame, com­bined with the stun­ning visu­als from the anime’s trailer guar­an­teed itself on my to-watch list.